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I'm a student, chef, gardner, photographer and general procrastinator. On the 5th November 2011 I inherited an old battered allotmentand started this blog so people can watch as I work and play to make it my dream larder.

An Organised Seedbox

… is an organised garden.

Its the perfect time of year for a good clean out. All seed packs that are out of date must go. I also make a list of everything I want to grow this year and get rid of all the seeds not on that list. Its really tempting to keep them, thinking “ooh maybe I’ll throw them in somewhere” but I’m really trying to grow less (and only what I really want to actually eat).

The seeds being throw out won’t go to waste. In our allotment tea hut we have a box for slightly out of date seeds and another for spare or unwanted seeds. People can take from either but are expected to leave small donations.

Due to my job, I’ve had to move slightly further away from my allotment. Its not perfect but its only 30mins and I can time visits their with seeing my friends and family. It just means that I’ve got to be a little more selective with what I grow. Things that can be planted and left alone will do best.

Is anyone else having a seed tidy-out or clean up?

- Gary

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  3. gardendream said: Starting the tidy and need to plan what to do with certain patches…and review 2013!!
  4. neffsdad said: You could always make seed bombs and do a bit of guerrilla gardening in areas that are neglected
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