Fun on the allotment.

I'm a student, chef, gardner, photographer and general procrastinator. On the 5th November 2011 I inherited an old battered allotmentand started this blog so people can watch as I work and play to make it my dream larder.

Allotment Update

Yes, I finally managed to make it there and get some work done!

With nothing growing at this time of year its been quite easy to tidy up. I’ve cleared the front 4-5 beds and hoping to clear the rest this coming weekend. Then I can get working on some DIY projects over Christmas.

Leeks and Chicory are still holding out well, and I will continue to harvest them over the winter. I’ve also dug up and spread out the strawberry plants in the second to front bed.

The wiggly bits in the narrow bed is green manure … not weeds (thank god).

As there’s been a few frosts now I could harvest my parsnips. And my god are they beasts! They’re massive. I guess thats one of the benefits of having raised beds and nice loose soil.

Hopefully more updates soon!

- Gary.

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